Friday, March 4, 2011


So sorry that teacher could not teach you in class but please read for your Test One on Monday....

To all 3gs and 3is, please read...

Major Characters

1- Mr. Gabriel John Utterson:
An old lawyer and Dr. Jekyll's good friend of many years, Mr. Utterson is a bit dull, but well respected and known in his community as a person of quality character. His distant kinsman, Mr. Enfield, tells him a story of a mysterious Mr. Hyde. Reminded that Hyde is the main beneficiary of Dr. Jekyll's will, Mr. Utterson seeks to uncover the strange connection between his friend Dr. Jekyll and the notorious Mr. Hyde.

2- Mr. Richard Enfield:

Mr. Enfield is a young businessman, a distant cousin to Mr. Utterson's, and his walking companion. They get along because they share a similarly dull and regular nature. While on one of their scheduled Sunday walks, Mr. Enfield begins the narrative by telling a story about his encounter with a mysterious Mr. Hyde. Later, Mr. Enfield and Mr. Utterson witness Dr. Jekyll's strange behavior as he talks to them from his window.

3- Mr. Edward Hyde:
A small, hunched man with a disagreeable manner, Mr. Hyde comes and goes by the connecting laboratory wing of Dr. Jekyll's home. Upon hearing from Mr. Enfield about Hyde, Mr. Utterson recognizes the name as the main beneficiary on Dr. Jekyll's will. Mr. Hyde disappears after he is seen murdering Sir Danvers Carew. In the end, Mr. Utterson finds out that Mr. Hyde is a physical manifestation of Dr. Jekyll's evil alter ego.

4- Dr. Henry Jekyll:
A well-respected doctor and Mr. Utterson's good friend, Dr. Jekyll undergoes extreme changes in his behavior. Mr. Utterson is convinced it has something to do with the mysterious Mr. Hyde, who is the main beneficiary of Dr. Jekyll's will. As it turns out, Dr. Jekyll has invented a chemical formula that can turn a person into his alter ego. Dr. Jekyll uses his Hyde persona to live a secret life of depravity.

5- Dr. Lanyon:
An old friend of Mr. Utterson and Dr. Jekyll, Dr. Lanyon has, over the years, clashed with Dr. Jekyll on certain scientific matters. After the murder of Sir Danvers Carew, when Jekyll unexpectedly turns into Mr. Hyde, he sends a desperate letter to Dr. Lanyon requesting materials from his lab. In front of Dr. Lanyon, Mr. Hyde changes into Dr. Jekyll. After witnessing the transformation, Dr. Lanyon falls ill and dies. He leaves behind a letter addressed to Mr. Utterson, explaining the details of what he saw.

6- Poole:
Dr. Jekyll's faithful butler, Poole aids Mr. Utterson in uncovering Hyde's true identity. Poole helps Mr. Utterson break down the laboratory door where they find Hyde dead.

Minor Characters

7- little girl:
In Mr. Enfield's story, he witnesses a strange man run over a little girl who had been called to fetch a doctor. To compensate for his dastardly deed, the stranger agrees to pay the little girl's family a sum of one hundred pounds.

8- maid servant:
While looking out her window one night, the maid servant witnesses the brutal murder of Sir Danvers Carew. She identifies the murderer as Mr. Hyde.

9- Sir Danvers Carew:
Mr. Utterson's client, Sir Danvers Carew is an esteemed, kindly old gentleman . One night, a maid servant looking out her window witnesses Mr. Hyde clubbing Sir Danvers Carew to death.

10- (officer) Inspector Newcomen:
The Scotland Yard officer in charge of the Carew murder, Inspector Newcomen goes with Mr. Utterson to Soho to search Hyde's residence.
Mr. Guest: Mr. Utterson's young clerk, Mr. Guest is a student of handwriting. When asked by Mr. Utterson to analyze Mr. Hyde's letter, Mr. Guest notices that the handwriting is similar to Dr. Jekyll's dinner invitation.

11- Bradshaw:
Dr. Jekyll's footman, Bradshaw is called upon to help Poole and Mr. Utterson break down the laboratory door and catch whoever is inside. In Dr. Jekyll's confession, Bradshaw is mentioned as one of his servants who saw Mr. Hyde one moment, and Dr. Jekyll the next.