Friday, May 16, 2008

Here it comes...Sixteen May comes again with full bloom...Everybody in school and I strongly believe outside the school as well is so happy. As in school they are so happy as there would be no in-classroom lesson today...but the acquisition of knowledge is still occurs eventhough it is outside the classroom. There was a netball game between teachers and students this morning. There would be so many things to be learned in this game. They could have learned practically the values like respecting others, fairness, the virtue of being the winner are among the few could be mentioned here. However...anything that we do must be for the sake of God other wise we may feel so happy, we might have got a strong physical fitness but we are not blessed. Do only things that come with blessings, insyaAllah we will be happy for the rest of our life.
Today I have planted an apple-mango tree to mark the coming of 2008 teacher's day. It is a symbol of a humble faithful tree. Eventhough people throw stone to get the fruit but the tree is still bear and drop the ever sweet fruit in the world to them. Hopefully this humble good tree kind of attitude would inspire me as a teacher, God willing.
To all my students, thank you for all the sweet gifts but the most valuable gift that I expect from all of you is none other than a man who is always uphold the good faith, knowledgeable and know how to respect parents, teachers and others...virtue is its own rewards, thank you.
Happy Teacher's Day...

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