Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Quality Makes Perfect (6): Self Quality

During the formal Monday morning assembly today I was a little bit stunted when the Beloved Madam Principal quoted my previous advice to my students regarding Self Quality. It is actually a very simple concept but I didn't notice that it has drawn her attention to elaborate further on that topic, I'm very grateful to God that brings the heart to heart...

Self quality concept is the standard we should impose to ourselves. For example, in preparation for the final examination, student (A) has imposed a target to score 9 A's while student (B) has only targeted 5 A's. It is just how you position yourself in life but it depends on our very own perspective be it from an Islamic perspective if we are muslim. It is worth to secure certain standard because:
  1. It could be guidelines for us to move ahead
  2. It could focus ourselves to achieve that standard
  3. It could prohibit us from doing evil

So, for students who have no self quality, who do not putting certain standard in their lives would have no guidelines to follow, could not focus their mind towards certain standard and they could be easily drawn near to do evil activities.